We are concerned citizens of the United States that believe there is a better way to elect intelligent people to govern the world’s largest economy.  Our founding fathers envisioned a government run by the best and brightest – because they were.  Today we are governed by the loudest and most divisive.

This site was built to bring intelligence back to the election process based on one simple idea from our founder who spent years helping people hire the best and brightest at Monster.com.  His simple idea is that “we should provide our citizens with, at the very least, the same information that a hiring manager would evaluate for an entry level job”.

The vast majority of candidates running for office do not have the experience necessary to be successful in the job.  Most candidates have never hired and fired employees, never managed a budget, never built infrastructure, never dealt with employee healthcare issues, never passed legislation and never educated children – – – yet we expect them to manage a workforce bigger than any corporation, balance a trillion dollar budget, make decisions on a massive collection of roads, buildings and public lands, educate our children and solve our nation’s healthcare issues.  The job is simply too big for most candidates and the public rarely takes that into consideration when selecting their “employee”.  Remember these are OUR employees – – “public servants” – – someone we hire to manage the precious tax dollars we work so hard to generate?

It is our hope that Political Resumes will help citizens make informed decisions based on a candidate’s capabilities and experience to do the job and not on soundbites and emotion.