What is the best way to evaluate a politician – we say, show me the resume.

How did you get hired for your last job?  Were you asked to come in and give a 10 minute speech on things that you thought were important or did you submit a resume with your qualifications to be evaluated?

The key to any successful business is hiring great people.  The first thing you evaluate when making a hiring decision is the qualifications of the candidate and the easiest way to do that is by reviewing their resume.

So now I ask you, have you EVER seen the resume of a politician that is asking you to elect (hire) them to help run the largest and most powerful economy in the world.  We did not think so – – – that is why we built the Political Resumes website.  Our goal is to help you weed out the weak candidates based on their experience and to select the best and the brightest – – – like our founding fathers.

The goal of Political Resumes is not to lean left or right, but to provide you with facts on candidates education, experience and positions so you can make an informed choice.  It IS our opinion that the representatives we have today could be better – – a great deal better – – and it is our goal to help you identify the very best candidates for office.